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Redback Chiller Single Flange
Redback Step Down Collar 305mm-150mmRedback Step Down Collar 305mm-150mm
Redback Chiller Front & Rear Flanges
The Green Pad CO2 Generator 10 pads
Aussie Mushroom CO2 Bag
Harvest Master CO2 Easi Controller
Harvest Master Cool Kit Cool/Fan Option
CO2 Regulator, Flow Meter & Solenoid
Pro Leaf CO2 Generator LPGPro Leaf CO2 Generator LPG
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Pro Leaf PPM-B1 CO2 PPM ControllerPro Leaf PPM-B1 CO2 PPM Controller
Integra Cargo Dry Plus
Integra Dry Bucket 30 x 200g Bags + BucketIntegra Dry Bucket 30 x 200g Bags + Bucket
Quest 70 Overhead Dehumidifier
Quest 70 Hang Kit
Quest Quest 70 Hang Kit
Sale price$145
Quest 70 Duct Kit
Quest Quest 70 Duct Kit
Sale price$98.50
Quest 155 Overhead Dehumidifier
Quest 155 Bracket Set
Quest 155 Duct Kit Supply
Quest 155 Duct Kit Return
Quest Filter to Suit Model 155

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