Trotec TTK 165 Eco Dehumidifier 52L/Day

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All TTK-ECO dehumidifiers have a solid steel casing that can withstand harsh construction site environments.
With its handle bar and the large transport rollers, the TTK 165 ECO also overcomes difficult terrain sections or stairs.
Maintenance of the dehumidifier does not present any major problems for the user, since the washable air filter is easily accessible and quickly cleaned.
At the rear of the TTK 165 ECO is a convenient feature for securely storing the power cable.
Practical advantages of the TTK 165 ECO at a glance:
• Connection of a condensate drain for permanent dehumidification
• Easily accessible air filter
• Highly mobile because of transport rollers and handle rod
• Particularly economical solution for typical dehumidification applications in the commercial sector
• High dehumidifying performance even at low temperatures
• Robust steel casing
• Can be transported in any position, due to a rolling piston compressor
Here are some technical details of the TTK 165 ECO at a glance:
• Dehumidification performance max./24h: 52 liters
• Suitable for room sizes of up to: 90 m² / 230 m³
• Operating range temperature: 5° - 32°C
• Operating range humidity: 30 to 90% RH.
• Maximum airflow: 350 m³ / h
• Automatic defrost: Hot gas
• Input voltage: 230V (50Hz)
• Power consumption max.: 0.9 kW
• Water tank: 5 liters
• Sound level dB (A) (distance 1 m): 56
• Length: 495 mm
• Width: 455 mm
• Height: 900 mm

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