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Floraflex 12.5 Kit with Pad & Circulator
Floraflex Matrix Feeder 10.5 inch
Floraflex Matrix Feeder 12.5 inch
Floraflex Matrix Feeder 15.5 inch
Floraflex Matrix  Circulator 3 inch
Floraflex Matrix Pad 10.5"
Floraflex Matrix Pad 12.5"
Floraflex Matrix Pad 15.5"
Floraflex Floracap Single Use 6" (150mm)
Floraflex Floracap Solid 6" (150mm)
Floraflex Pot SystemFloraflex Pot System
Floraflex Floraflex Pot System
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Floraflex Pot Pro Drainage Elbow
Floraflex Pot Pro Drainage Tee
Floraflex Pot Pro Platform Fitting Elbow
Floraflex Pot Pro Platform Fitting Tee
Floraflex Air Bleed Valve 19mm
Floraflex Quick Disconnect Set
Floraflex Barbed Tee 4mmFloraflex Barbed Tee 4mm
Floraflex 4mm Tube 30m RollFloraflex 4mm Tube 30m Roll

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