Floraflex Flora Valve

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FloraFlex® shut off valve also allows you to control the pressure of water and nutrients being delivered through the manifold to your plants. Easily snaps into the Flora Pipe Fitting T or Elbow and screws into the Quick Disconnect.
• Flora Pipe Fittings “T” and “Elbow,” snap into this unit with no glue required
• Connects with FloraFlex GHP to NPT Quick Disconnect, no threading required
• Manual off and on action, with easy to use valve handle
• Maximum pressure 125 psi
• Minimum working temperature 40°F and maximum working temperature 140°F
• ABS Plastic
Weight 113g
Dimensions 15.7cm x 5cm x 10.1cm
Benefits: No Glue, Teflon Tape, or threading required during assembly.
Save up to 60% of water, nutrients, and time!
Immediate improvisation and control over feeding.

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