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Trimming Scissors/Scalpels

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Showing 1 - 24 of 30 products

Showing 1 - 24 of 30 products
Chikamasa Scissors CRI550SRFChikamasa Scissors CRI550SRF
Chikamasa Scissors B220SChikamasa Scissors B220S
Chikamasa Scissors B-300SFChikamasa Scissors B-300SF
Chikamasa Scissors B-500SFChikamasa Scissors B-500SF
Chikamasa Scissors B-500SLFChikamasa Scissors B-500SLF
Chikamasa Scissors B500SKFChikamasa Scissors B500SKF
Chikamasa Scissors  CRI360SFBKChikamasa Scissors  CRI360SFBK
Chikamasa Loppers LP450
Fiskars Thumb Trigger Total Control ScissorsFiskars Thumb Trigger Total Control Scissors
Fiskars Micro Tip Blade Pruners
ARS Scissors/PrunersARS Scissors/Pruners
ARS ARS Scissors/Pruners
Sale price$25.50
Grow Bits Trimming ScissorsGrow Bits Trimming Scissors
Saboten Green Angled Blade PT-2Saboten Green Angled Blade PT-2
Saboten Catch Shears AG-15
Saboten Harvesting Shears 190mm AG-8Saboten Harvesting Shears 190mm AG-8
Saboten Hands Free Scissors PT5Saboten Hands Free Scissors PT5
Saboten Pruning Saw
Saboten Saboten Pruning Saw
Sale price$55.00
Saboten Tungsten Sharpener 6-ASaboten Tungsten Sharpener 6-A
Saboten Case for Harvesting Scissors CA-1
Saboten Case for Harvesting Shears CA-2
Saboten Orange Cleaner Spray AGC-1
Disposable Sterile Scalpel
. Disposable Sterile Scalpel
Sale price$2.50
Mini Trimming Scissors
. Mini Trimming Scissors
Sale price$2.75

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