Saboten Tungsten Sharpener 6-A

Sale price$26.50


A handy little sharpener to keep in your pocket when out in the garden. A few swipes over the blade at a 15deg angle to the blade has it like new again. Remember to keep constant pressure the entire length of the blade for professional results. The end screws off to reveal a pad that is soaked in a lubricatiing oil - wipe it over your newly sharpened blade to stop rust.


Saboten's History

Established in 1932, Saboten is a multi-generational Japanese company with a powerful family history in expert steel processing and precision Japanese blades.

After Syotaro Ishida developed a strong foundation, his sons continued the tradition of Japanese excellence and in 1956, they branched out into the manufacturing of garden tools and gardening cutlery. Today, Masahiro Ishida continues the family tradition as president, and Saboten are now expanding their range to include processing of premium cut flowers.

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