Order Your Hydroponic Supplies in Melbourne

If you want to grow plants affordably and non-traditionally, hydroponics is the solution you need. Hydroponics (the practice of gardening without soil), allow plants to grow in mediums such as Coco Fibre, Rockwool, Clay Pellets, Perlite, Vermiculite etc.  Some hydroponics practices, like nutrient film technique (NFT), even grow plants with no medium - the plant's roots remain in water constantly.

Whatever type of hydroponic system you want to try, Epping Hydroponics can help.  If you want your plants to flourish, then contact us for hydroponic supplies not only in Melbourne but also Australia wide.  We are also available to offer advice if you are not sure on how to get started. We'll provide expert advice from start to finish.

Our Hydroponic Supplies

With our online store and Epping retail outlet, we aim to give you a wide selection of any hydroponic product you need.  Some of our more popular brands include:

  • Canna
  • House & Garden
  • Nutrifield
  • Can Fan
  • Gorilla Tents
  • Can Filter
  • Turbo Klone
  • Jungle Room
  • Grodan
  • Hy-Gen
  • Trimpro
  • Centurion
  • Cyco
  • Grotek
  • Growlush
  • Emerald Harvest
  • Seahawk
  • Hydro Axis
  • Lumatek
  • Philips
  • Gardis Pro
  • Green Planet
  • Hi-Par & many more

If you don't see your favourite brand listed here, just call us to enquire or browse our website www.eppinghydroponics.com.au, chances are we carry your product and brand of choice.

We aim to give our customers a variety of hydroponics options at reasonable prices.  Even when you order online, you can anticipate friendly customer service, competitive prices and great advice on how to use your products.
All parcels are discreetly packaged in secure plain boxes with no store details for your peace of mind.