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100mm Flange to Suit Computer Fan
Aluminium Reducer 350mm-300mm
Back Draught Shutter
. Back Draught Shutter
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Black Wire Core Duct
. Black Wire Core Duct
Sale priceFrom $10
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Black/Silver Duct 4.5m Length
. Black/Silver Duct 4.5m Length
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Can Fan Metal Reducer/Collar 315mm-300mm
Can Metal Reducer 125mm-100mm
Can Metal Reducer 200mm-150mm
Can Metal Reducer 250mm-200mm
Can Metal Reducer 300mm-250mm
Can Metal Reducer Collar 315mm-250mm
Coolsox 150mm x 1m Intake HoseCoolsox 150mm x 1m Intake Hose
Coolsox 250mm x 1m Intake HoseCoolsox 250mm x 1m Intake Hose
Galvanised Y Joiner 6 x 4 x 4 inch
Galvanized Elbow 150mm/6 inch
Galvanized Elbow 200mm/8 inch
Galvanized Elbow 250mm/10 inch
Greenduct Insulated
Westaflex Greenduct Insulated
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Metal Duct Joiner
. Metal Duct Joiner
Sale priceFrom $7.50
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Noise Reducing 100mm/4 inch Connector Fan Clamp
Noise Reducing 125mm/5 inch Connector Fan Clamp
Noise Reducing 150mm/6 inch Connector Fan Clamp
Noise Reducing 200mm/8 inch Connector Fan Clamp
Noise Reducing 250mm/10 inch Connector Fan Clamp

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