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Showing 1 - 24 of 197 products
10 Pot Greenwall Kit (Connect-A-Pot)10 Pot Greenwall Kit (Connect-A-Pot)
10.5L Flower Bucket Black 250mm
10L 13mm Water Ring
. 10L 13mm Water Ring
Sale price$5.50
10L Pot Set Complete
. 10L Pot Set Complete
Sale price$17.50
15L 13mm Water Ring
. 15L 13mm Water Ring
Sale price$6.50
15L Flower Bucket Black 300mm/12"  With Handles
15L Pro Pot System with 150mm Mesh Pot
15L Pro Pot System with 200mm Mesh Pot
16L Flower Bucket Black 300mm
18L Flower Bucket  330mm
. 18L Flower Bucket 330mm
Sale price$5.95
18L Pot Set Complete
. 18L Pot Set Complete
Sale price$29.50
20L 13mm Water Ring
. 20L 13mm Water Ring
Sale price$6.95
23L Gridded Planter Tub Black
23L Tub Reservoir Solid Black
24L Square Flower Bucket 290mm
270mm Pot Saucer Black suits 250mm Pot
27L 13mm Water Ring
. 27L 13mm Water Ring
Sale price$7.50
27L 19mm Water Ring
. 27L 19mm Water Ring
Sale price$7.95
27L or 30L Water Ring with 6mm Feeders
28L Flower Bucket
. 28L Flower Bucket
Sale price$9.50
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28L Flower Bucket Stand
. 28L Flower Bucket Stand
Sale price$9.50
30L 13mm Water Ring
. 30L 13mm Water Ring
Sale price$7.50
30L 19mm Water Ring
. 30L 19mm Water Ring
Sale price$8.00
30L Pot Set Complete30L Pot Set Complete
. 30L Pot Set Complete
Sale price$45.00
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