15L Pro Pot System with 150mm Mesh Pot

Sale price$55.50


Nutrifield Mesh Pots are designed specifically to be used alongside the innovative Nutrifield Pro Pot System.
Simply combine with a Nutrifield Feeder Ring and a 27Ltr Pro Pot for a headache free set up.
Alternatively, drop the Mesh Pots into a 15Ltr Nutifield Pro Pot for use in smaller systems such as deep water culture or flood & drain.
The possibilities with the Nutrifield Mesh Pots realy are endless, and some growers may even choose to use them as stand-alone components in a deep water culture system and with a wide variety of growing media.
Nutrifield Pro Pot DWC System 15Ltr Bucket, Stand and 150mm 2 Ltr Mesh Pot includes:
  • NF Pro Pot 15Ltr Bucket
  • NF Pro Pot 15Ltr Stand
  • NF 150mm/ 2Ltr Mesh Pot
  • 1 x Single Air Pump
  • 1 x 6" Air Stone & Tubing

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