Saboten Pruning Saw

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This is a premium pruning saw that can be used in the garden and orchard.
The tip of the blade is excellent in durability. Blade pitch: 7.5mm. Comes with a blade case.
Handle: plastic which fits your hands well while cutting.
Features: Cutlery steel: SK-5 with Fluorine coating. Friction is less in fluorine resin processing and it is a light cut. [Caution] Since the cutting edge is sharp, please handle it carefully.
In October 1932, Saboten was founded at Miki city where the oldest hardware town in Japan. Saboten Co., Ltd always seeks new features and "Universal design" that every user can handle easily. We are also tackling innovation and development that users are requesting for gardening tools. Saboten is the first company to make Fluorine coated blade in Japan.
Saboten-marked gardening tools have been receiving high evaluation as useful tool with sharp cut. There is a Japanese original gardening culture when thinking about the gardening of Japan. The Japanese garden as the culture of Japan is it, the gardening culture develops more than the climate and the climate in Japan as "Seen garden", and it extends to the present.
Our products are highly evaluated not only in Japan but also in Britain, France, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland where the gardening is popular. Our goal is to contribute home gardening and farmers in the world through our products. Product lineup: Gardening equipment, Gardening scissors, Fluorine processing cutlery, Prune scissors, Prune saw, Various saws and Gardening commodity. Saboten always pursues a new technology for more useful, efficient and easy handling for everyone.
Dimensions 45cm x 12cm x 4cm
Weight 0.32Kg

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