Origin Mini (90cm x 45cm) 8 Pot Set with Pump

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The Origin drip system is an easy to use hydroponic system suitable for both beginners and professionals. It is perfect for growing plants in a small space and has a very good reputation for big yields. The system uses a pump to water your plants with a nutrient solution. The pots sit very stable in the system and it can handle large plants without falling over. The system is strong and yet lightweight enough so that it can be easily moved around.
Pot size is 11cm x 11cm x 19cm
Total Kit size 90cm x 45cm
Includes Pump, Fittings & Pots
Benefits of the Origin Drip System
• Can be used with all types of grow media - coco, soil, clay pebbles or a mixture. Note: grow media is not included.
• The reservoir holds the nutrient solution so you don't have to refill it everyday.
• The runoff nutrient drains back into the reservoir so your plants roots don't sit in water and rot.
• Plants can be easily lifted out of the system and moved if needed.
• The pots are evenly spaced in the system so that plants have sufficient space to grow to their full potential.
• A low profile means the system ideal for use in grow tents.
• Includes pump, setup & maintanance instructions.
Origin Drip System Feed Guide
Grow Medium Coco/Soil 60/40 Mix Clay Pebbles
Start 1 x 15 minute feed per day 2 x 15 minute feeds per day 2 x 15 minute feeds per day
Veg 2-3 x 15 minute feeds per day 3 x 15 minute feeds per day 3-4 x 15 minute feeds per day
Flowering 3-5 x 15 minute feeds per day 4-5 x 15 minute feeds per day

4-6 x 15 minute feeds per day

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