TrolMaster Tent-X Controller TCS-1

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TrolMaster's Tent-X (TCS-1) is a state-of-the-art professional-grade and modularly designed environmental and irrigation control system, designed for single-zone grow tents. Thanks to the controller's compact hydroponic capabilities, it allows the user to effectively control their tent's environmental parameters and irrigation schedule with a single control system.
It comes with a 3-in-1 temperature, humidity, and light sensor, the MBS-TH. Users can daisy-chain the MBS-TH sensor with the CO2 sensor (MBS-S8), the full spectrum quantum sensor (MBS-PAR), and the smoke and water detectors into the TCS-1's SENSOR port.
Users can also connect an AMP-3 sensor board to the Tent-X, and connect the Water content sensors (WCS-1/2) or the WD-1 water detector to the sensor board. Additionally, the TCS-1 supports the connection of up to four DS-type plug-in control models, allowing you to connect devices that can control the environment and irrigation.
The TCS-1 is the brain that unites all your climate control and irrigation devices into one being, allowing your devices to work together to create the optimal growth environment for your plants.
• Grow Tent Grow Lights
• Climate
• Irrigation Compact Hydroponic Control System
• Modular Design & Fully Customizable
• Smartphone Control
• Complete Controlled Device Capacity
• Data Logging
Input Voltage 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Certifications ETL/FCC
Max Number of Lighting Fixtures 256*2
Max Distance of Device Connected 1000 meters
3-in-1 (Temp/Humid/Light) Sensor Max 1pc per set
CO2 Sensor Max 1pc per set
Full Spectrum Quantum Sensor Max 1pc per set
Smoke Detector Max 1pc per set
AMP-3 Sensor Board (pH/EC/Temp) Max 1pc per set
Water Content Sensor Max 1pc per set
Water Detector Max 2pc per set
Temp Device Stations Max 2pc per set
Humid Device Stations Max 2pc per set
CO2 Device Stations Max 2pc per set
Program Device Stations Max 4pcs per set
EC Fan Control Adapter Max 2pc per set
• 1 x Tent-X Controller
• 1 x Temp / Humid / Light 3-in-1 Sensor
• 1 x RJ12 Cable Set for Light Connection
• 1 x RJ12 T-splitter

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