THC Reskue

Size: 1L
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THC Reskue is specifically designed to tackle nutrient deficiencies that lead to Yellow Plant Syndrome that is caused due to lack of Chlorophyll.
THC Reskue will revive your plant from heat and other stress, wilting, drooping, yellowing, starvation, root damage and nutrient deficiencies.
THC Reskues unique formula rushes chelated Iron, Calcium, Zinc, Nitrogen, Magnesium and other crucial nutrient elements into plant cells to maximise healing power for fast recovery.
THC Reskue is designed to give your plants new life by treating cause of Chlorosis, nutrient deficiencies and stress illnesses that lead to Yellow Plant Syndrome.
THC Reskue mixes quickly and easily into your nutrient solution.
THC Reskue has been developed for use with any and all growing media.
May be used as a foliar, an additive in soil or hydroponic solutions.
(Do not foliar under direct sun or HID lights)
Hydroponics: To correct moderate deficiencies add 3ml per 1 Litre, for severe deficiencies add 5ml per 1 Litre of nutrient solution for 7 to 14 days. Repeat if necessary.
Regular Feeding: To increase concentrationof essential elements in your solution, use 1ml per 1 Litre of nutrients solution.
Foliar: Use 2ml per 1 Litre of water and use good application practises. Repeat after 1 week if necessary.

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