THC Eksit

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THC Eksit is a final stage flowering booster agent that generates extra yield of up to 30%.
Eksit triggers an extra bloom swell at the end of natural flowering cycle, resulting in heavier and larger fruits and stimulating oil production. Eksit will unleash the full flowering potential of your favourite plant.
Eksit contains a special formula precisly designed to deliver optimum harvest. Eksit is an organic formula that gets applied to plants at later stage of flowering cycle, prior to harvest for improved ripening, heavier yield and increased potency.
(Can be used earlier, from bloom week 3 or from the moment that flowers start to form)
Eksit is derived from natural minerals and made with organic ingredients.
Benefits of Eksit:
  • Eksit optimises harvest weight
  • Triggers extra swell
  • Improves taste and flavour
  • Maximises resin production
  • Increases yield amount
  • Delivers full flower potential
  • Organic Eksit is instantly absorbed and distributed by the plant for rapid and effective results
Directions for use:
Use 3ml per 1 Litre of nutrient solution during the last 3 weeks of flowering stage, prior harvest.
Maintain pH level between 5.8 and 6.3 for best results. 
Compatibility performance can't be guarenteed when combined with products other than THC.

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