THC B-52

Size: 1L
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Total Horticultural Concentrate B-52 Tonic with its unique elements accelerates plant respiration, increases plant growth rates, stamina, energy and maximises flower production. B-52 Plant Tonic contains balanced blend of B+ Vitamins, that have direct effect on plants creation and use of carbohydrates to boost energy levels.
B-52 benefits plants by creating and stimulating root growth and reducing transplant shock.
B-52 Tonic supercharges your regular nutrient solution to give you maximum performance.
B-52 Tonic is the ultimate building block for strength, root growth, health and potency.
Benefits of B-52:
  • Stress reviver tonic
  • Increased resistance to heat, cold and stress
  • Builds stronger roots for more nutrient uptake
  • Protective effect & increased resistance against diseases
  • Better survivalrate for cuttings & seedlings
  • Boosts plants strength and immunity
  • Maintains healthy metabolism
  • Increases cell replication and stimulates roots
  • Creates an improvised absorption of nutrients
  • Boosts floral production & harvest
  • Increases enzymatic activity
Directions of use:
Use 1ml per Litre of nutrient solution during vegetative stage and increasing to 2ml per Litre of nutrient solution throughout flowering stage.

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