Terra Aquatica Oligo Spectrum

Size: 1L
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Don’t use Terra Aquatica nutrients but need quality micronutrients? Doing Aquaponics and looking for ways of balancing nutrition? We have the solution.
Terra Aquatica Oligo Spectrum is a unique product: a comprehensive range of concentrated micronutrients in chelated form, plus essential sub-micro elements and an organic buffer. It is used as a complement to the nutritive solution in soil and water culture, as well as in foliar spray in situations where metal addition to water can pose problems such as Aquaponics.
Whilst primary and secondary elements are always included in plant nutrients, some micro and sub- micronutrients are not, despite laboratory tests demonstrating an important overall improvement in plant health and resistance to pests when those elements are added. If you are using Terra Aquatica nutrients then you are already providing this full spectrum, but if not, Oligo Spectrum gives you an effective way to complement your current regime.
All the elements included in Terra Aquatica Oligo Spectrum comply with the European regulation on organic agriculture, and as in our other nutrients,  all possible elements in Oligo Spectrum are chelated for superior stability and performance.
How to use:
Dilute to use as a foliar spray or add to water or nutrient solution.
DO NOT USE WITH Terra Aquatica NUTRIENTS – they already contain a full trace element spectrum.
• Solution: 2 ml/L in Hydroponics, 3 ml/L in soil
• Foliar spray: 2 ml/L
Use Oligo Spectrum with:
Non -Terra Aquatica nutrients, in hydroponics and outdoor gardening.

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