Terra Aquatica Dual Part Coco Bloom

Size: 1L
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Uniquely amongst leading brands, T.A. DualPart Coco doesn’t need additives for success from seed to bloom: other coco-specific 2-part nutrients require additional Cal/Mag and PK boosters, as well as 2 bottles of “grow” and 2 bottles of “bloom” nutrients. Not so with DualPart Coco: two bottles are all you need!
DualPart Coco is exceptionally rich in calcium and magnesium, but it also contains the full range of other elements that a plant needs for healthy vigorous growth, followed by bountiful flowering and fruiting. This includes the trace microelements which give your final product all the aroma and flavor that your plant is capable of developing.
As with most of our nutrients, you use both DualPart Coco Grow and Bloom throughout the lifecycle of your plants; you simply change the ratio between the two as your plant's progress: there is no second set of bottles to buy when you go from growing to bloom.
How to use DualPart Coco:
• Shake well before each use, add each part to water separately, mix thoroughly, and always rinse measuring equipment.
• For best results, use DualPart Coco with super clean Coco Fiber, Coco Fiber with Perlite coco coir.
• T.A. DualPart Coco is very concentrated: a maximum of just 4.5ml/L in water is required.
Use DualPart Coco with:
• Works with all plants, optimized for Coco coir substrate.
• After nutrients, the biggest boost advantage can give any grow is using a high-quality Fulvic acid: T.A. Fulvic is the best.
• FlashClean: Not just for lock-out problems and end of harvest; FlashClean rejuvenates old substrate and tired soil both of which can be difficult to handle with fruiting plants that can’t be re-potted, and can give mother plants a new lease of life.
• For the last 10 days use FinalPart for increased flower production.

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