10Kg Bag Diatomaceous Earth Essential Soil Conditioner

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  • 100% Diatomaceous Earth
  • Drought Resistant
  • Natural source of Silica
  • Maximize soil Aeration
  • Minimize soil compaction
  • Water & nutrient retention
  • Enhanced root growth & microbial activity
  • Thermal barrier against extreme temperature
Potted Plants
  • Add 20% by volume, mix evenly into potting soil
Hydroponic Plants
  • Add 10-20% by volume, mixe evenly into coco coir. Apply as a top dressing to create a barrier against pest and extreme temperature
Garden Plants
  • Add 2Kg per square metre, mix well into the soil to a depth of approximately 300mm.
Lawn & Turf
  • Top dress evenly across lawn or turf surface straight after aerating.

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