Spider Farmer SE7000 730W LED Grow Light

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Why Choose SE Series?
• Samsung LM301B Diodes: High efficacy of up to 2.9umol/J.
• Led Bar Design: Provides full & even canopy/PPFD distribution; Also good for heat dissipation, and can hang close to the plants. Perfect for vertical/commercial growing.
• Dimming Daisy Chain: Connect up to several lights together, easy to control. Convenience for commercial growth.
• Certificate: With CE, ETL, DLC certificate
• SE3000 & SE4500 & SE5000: Full spectrum, suit for all growth stages. Especially for Seedlings & Veg.
• SE7000 & SE1000W: Dimmable Horticulture Commercial Grow Lighting, can work with CO2, perfect for commercial growth, also suit for vertical growing.
• Model: SE7000 730W LED Grow Light
• LED: 2688Pcs
• PPE: 2.8umol/J
• BTU: 2490BTU/H
• Spectrum: 650-665nm,2800-3000K,4800-5000K
• PPF Value: 2044umol@120V; 2035umol@240V; 2030umol@277V
• Coverage: 4*4FT=120x120cm(Commercial Flower)     5*5FT=150x150cm(Personal Flower)
• Lumen: 122036Lm±5%@AC120V; 121700Lm±5%@AC240V; 121688Lm±5%@AC277V
• Power Draw: 730W±5%@AC120-277V
• Light Size: 115cm X 115cm X 7.7cm
• Package Size: 117.6cm X 38cm X 16.8cm
• Gross Weight: 12KG
• Input Voltage: AC100-277V
• Amp: 6.029A@AC120V 3.006A@AC240V 2.599A@AC277V
• Frequency: 50-60HZ
HIGH EFFICACY & MAXIMUM YIELDS: Coming with 2688pcs Diodes, the output and efficiency of Spider Farmer SE-7000 Horticulture Commercial LED grow light operates at 730 watts with an output of 1920 µmol s-1, achieving an amazing efficacy of 2.8µmol s-1 per watt, promising your maximum yields and profits. Suit for 150x150x200cm grow tent, 6-inch inline fan kits.
DIMMING DAISY CHAIN: SE-7000 can connect up to 15 lights to work together, and control all lights with one controller, convenient for you to use. Besides, the dimming function provides you with different lighting levels throughout their growth cycles as needs.
UNIFORM PPFD OUTPUT & HEAT DISSIPATION: The 8-bar LED growing light maintains a large coverage footprint (Recommend5x5ft(150x150cm) for Personal Flower footprint and 4x4ft(120x120cm)for Commercial footprint), also provides uniform PPFD output. Passive-cooled bars, aluminum heat-sink, and excellent Meanwell driver perform better in heat dispersing & lifespan.
PROFESSIONAL COMMERCIAL PLANT GROW LAMP: SPIDER FARMER SE-7000 full spectrum LED grow light is widely suitable for all crops, perfect for almost all scenes such as commercial, home, grow tent, vertical and grow room.
Spider Farmer SE7000 730W LED-New VerionSE7000-PPFD MAPSE7000-Spectrum RatioUniform Coverage-SE7000 730W LEDUsing Tips-SE7000 730W LEDSE7000-Dimming-Daisy-Chain-Function-1

SE7000-FeaturesIndoor grow tent-SE7000+5x5FTVertical Growing-SE7000 LED

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