Sonic Air Humidifier 10L

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Humidify up to 800ml per hour on just 60W - grab a G.A.S SonicAir Humidifier.
Why so efficient? It humidifiers using 2 x ultrasonic ceramic plates. They produce a really fine mist on a very low power. They're known for their reliability and have a long life. They don't produce any heat, either!
• Adjustable - up to 800ml per hour
• 10L Reservoir
• Even coverage with multi-directional spout
• Efficient - only 60W
• 1 year warranty (must use with RO water)
• Quiet - hardly makes any noise
• Reliable with long life (ultrasonic ceramic plates)
• No heat is produced!
• Connects to humidity controllers
• Dimensions: 26.5cm (length) x 26.5cm (width) x 47.5cm (height)
• Height: 2.8kg
Why Humidity Matters...
It's important that plants stay hydrated to absorb & transport nutrients.
If your humidity is too low, plants lose too much water, become stressed and start to wilt.
Unrooted cuttings can fail as they don't have the roots needed to absorb more water.
Plants with roots can replace the water lost. But as they absorb extra water, they leave behind key nutrients. When they do this, they get the wrong nutrient profile.
On top of this, your nutrient strength can increase (more nutrients to water). This can later cause toxicity.
To make sure plants don't over transpire, humidify using a SonicAir Humidifier.
How To Use
The G.A.S SonicAir Humidifier is pretty much plug & play!
• Fill your tank
• Position your humidifier on a flat surface, away from extractor fans
• Use the dial to set your output
Must use RO water! Unfiltered water contains salts and minerals. In your humidifier, they can damage internal components. When misted into your grow rooom, they clog up carbon filters, degrade reflectors and dirty lamps. To prevent this, always use RO water.
If you use unfiltered water in your humidifier, your warranty will be void.

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