Smart Farm Hydroponic Tower Garden

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Grow anywhere with this large automated vertical garden system.  Made from durable food grade UV material choose for hydroponic or organic growing.
The Smart Farm by Mr Stacky is the best beginner hydroponic garden. Don't bother messing around with ugly pipes. This vertical garden kit sets up in minutes and looks amazing on any backyard or balcony. You can have a thriving lush garden full of fresh herbs and veggies from any small space with no electricity needed.
The planters are made from quality polypropylene that have been UV treated so the planters do not crack or fade in the hot Australian sun. (Tested up to 5 years). The entire kit has a premium quality look and feel but for a fraction of other hydroponic or aeroponic tower garden systems available.
In the Smart Farm, we use 'Coco' which is like soil only way better as you can't over-water it. Simply expand the coco in water and add it to the planters, than stack them up. Add a pump, and plant from seed or standard soil based seedlings.
Imagine going away on a 2 week holiday with no worries. The large 60 litre tank lasts easily 1-2 weeks before you need to top-up. The large planters provide 70 litres of growing capacity to support large plants. Grow anything from lettuce & herbs to full blown tomatoes.
Fill Planters with Coco Coir & Perlite Mix (70/30 Ratio), Pre Mixed bags are available in store.
Coco coir is a Premium Quality Hydroponic Medium. It retains optimal oxygen when fully saturated, so if there is free flow and good sunlight, you simply cannot overwater your plants!
Water flowing in the system is great for plant health. As the water circulated, it generates more oxygen in the reservoir, which your plant roots will love.
Beginner Friendly
• Set & forget automated watering
• Coco coir is simple to use
• Can be used in various climates
• Easy set-up and maintainance
• Grows a wide variety of veggies
• Comes with full instructions
Top Quality
• Strong, durable and UV treated
• Won’t crack or fade in the sun
• Tried & tested worldwide
• Large & prolific plant growth
• Space saving modular design
• Quality parts & accessories
47cm x 47cm & 127cm
Kit Includes:
• Smart Farm Reservoir 30L
• Smart Farm Lid
• Smart Farm Stacky Planters
• Water Gauge
• Tubing & Fittings
Not Included:
• Coco/Perlite Blend From $21.50 per 50L Bag
• Aqua One Maxi 104 Pump $45.50
• Aqua One Ap250R Air Pump Kit $19.95
• 24hr Mechanical Timer $10.95
• Liquid Fertilizer from $19.50, 1 Ltr size
Planting Guide for large planters (each planter holds 15 litres and has 4 'clovers')
Plant Seedlings per clover Seeds per clover Notes
Tomatoes/Cucumber 2-3 (per planter) 4-5 (per planter) Top planter recommended. Train plant up a lattice to ensure adequate sunlight to lower sections of tower. Leave 2 plants per planter to grow fully.
Capsicum/Chillies 2-4 (per planter) 4-5 (per planter) Train plants sideways or straight up.
Leaf Lettuce 3-5 4-5 After a few weeks, harvest 2-3 plants and leave 2-3 plants to grow to maturity before harvesting.
Heading Lettuce (Cos, Iceberg) 1-3 2-3 After a few weeks, harvest 1 plant, leaving 1 or 2 plants to grow to full maturity.
Celery 2-4 4-5 Harvest 1-2 plants after 1 month, leaving the strongest to grow to maturity.
English Spinach 2-4 4-5 Continually harvest the outer leaves.
Fordhook Spinach 1-2 3-4 Harvest 1 plant after a few weeks, leaving the other to grow to maturity.
Beetroot 4-8 5-10 Beetroot requires very little root space so pack em in!
Carrot 4-8 5-10 Pinch off weakest plants, leaving up to 8 per clover.
Spring Onion 10-15 10-15 Leave all the plants in.
Onion 4-5 8-10
Basil, Parsley/Herbs 2-4 3-5 Regularly harvest at the base of the stem (i.e, don't just pick the leaves!)
Broccoli/ Cabbage/ Sprouts 1-2 2 Pinch off weakest plant, leaving 1 to grow to full maturity.
Snow Peas/ Dwarf Beans 1 1-2 Leave 1 plant to grow fully.

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