Rotterdam Premium Coco 50L Bag

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Hardcoir Coco is a 100% natural coir-based hydroponic growing medium with a very low EC.
Each bag is prepared and processed under strict guidelings to ensure the highest quality and is made exclusively with our premium, buffered coconut coir.
Hardcoir Coco is pH stabilised to maintain healthy conditions around the root zone. Calcium and Magnesium are used to buffer our coco to assist in conditioning and to eliminate unwanted chemicals like sodium.
To get the best results:
• Add nutrients when you first water the substrate to avoid deficiencies.
• The recommended pH range is 5.2-6.2, but depends on nutrients used.
• Do not let the substrate dry out completely between watering.
• Fertilize with every watering.
• Let the substrate dry out moderately before watering to ensure the roots are getting enough air. Too much water saturation will not leave enough air and prevent them from absorbing nutrients and water uptake.

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