Quest Dry 3000 Remote

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The DEH Digital Control is available with or without a remote sensor for monitoring and controlling conditions in a particular location in a larger space. With an easy-to-read back-lit display and digital control of relative humidity in real time, you can set your Quest dehumidifier for precise control  of conditions in your monitored area. Displays time of day, the day, %RH, and temperature. Unit measures 12.5cm W x 2.7cm D x 10.6cm H.
• Monitor and control moisture levels
• Manage fresh air ventilation
• Central fan integration
• A/C Sensor activates or deactivates the dehumidifier
• High temperature cutout
• Dry out cycle timer
• Auto reboot
• Ventilation options
Additional Features
• Programmable Ventilation Timer: Control the opening of the motorized damper so that whenever it is open, the fan is running. Set "open" or "closed" or program for a specific schedule.
• High Temperature Cutout: Because dehumidifiers produce heat when running, the ventilation function may also introduce warm air. The DEH 3000R will disable all operations if temperatures reach your cutout setpoint.
• Fan/Filter Operation: Change the fan operation for continuous run or select Auto for operation only when the fan is needed for other system functions.
• Digital Humidity Set Point: You choose the exact level of relative humidity needed for your space.
• Operating Voltage: 24 VAC
• Max Current - DMP, COMP, FAN: 1 Amp each
• Humidity Range/Accuracy: 10 - 95% RH, ± 5%
• Auxillary Relay Capacity: 5 Amps, 24 VAC
• Temp Range/Accuracy: 30°-90° F, 2%
Compatible Dehumidifiers
  • Quest Dual 105 
  • Quest Dual 155 
  • Quest Dual 205 
  • Quest Dual 215 
  • Quest Dual 225
  • Quest 165 High Efficiency 
  • Quest 185 
  • Quest Hi-E Dry Vehere
  • Quest 506 
  • Quest 876

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