Q Max EC 315mm/2850m3/hr

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Max Fan Pro Series EC integrated into a silencer
The Q-Max EC is everything that is the Q-Max, except it’s equipped with the latest EC technology. In short, a very high efficiency versus low power consumption. Combined with our special EC controller, you can control up to 10 EC fans at once without being amperage dependant. Add the rotor-stator system to the equation and you’ve got the highly efficient and practical Q-Max EC. Ready for the future, typical Q-Max EC.
Q-Max EC with EC technology is a turbine or mixed flow fan with the highest aerodynamic efficiency and the best energy consumption level due to the new EC technology motor, together with the 3D rotor stator system. Q-Max EC is a Max Fan Pro Series EC motor integrated in a Silencer. The powerful but silent operation of Q-Max EC is the result of the uniform turbulence free air flow and the continuous, totally noise free plug and play Can-Fan EC Controller for complete control. Up to 10 EC motor fans can be connected and controlled at once using the Can-Fan EC Controller.
Q-Max EC is German made, compact, easy to use and easy to clean. Integrated hangers provide for an easy installation. The entire range meets the mandatory ErP requirements for all EU marketed fans. For efficient performance with the best possible results, we strongly recommend the use of Q-Max EC together with Can Filters.
  • New EC technology motor
  • Silent, efficient and powerful
  • Very quiet while consuming less electricity
  • Galvanized metal housing
  • Easy to use Jack Connection
  • Foam padded silencer for maximal noise reduction
  • Silent stepless new technology EC motor
Material Metal
Weight 18.5kg
Diameter 315mm
Capacity 2850m³/h
Current 2A
Power 287W
Speed controller allowed Yes
Can Fan EC LCD Fan Controller (Not Included)
The Can-Fan EC Fan controller regulates the speed of fans to maintain optimal temperature and humidity conditions within the grow room.
Controls Temperature and Humidity
The sensor monitors the current temperature and humidity levels within the growing room, and gradually increases the fan speed until levels are achieved.
Controls intake and exhaust fans
The two ports on the controller allow intake and exhaust fans to be treated differently.
Minimum and Maximum Fan Speeds
It is very important to set the correct minimum fan speed, so fans do not burn out from too low a setting.
Constant negative air pressure
The intake and exhaust fans can be programmed to maintain a negative air pressure within the grow room.
Day-Time / Night-Time settings
Separate settings for day and night can be programmed.
Can-Fan EC Fans
This controller will only work with the Can-Fan EC range of fans.
LCD Display
Easy to read, easy to use design
Can Fan EC Temperature and Speed Controller (Not Included)
Controls Temperature and Fan Speed for Can-Fan EC Fans only
  • Plug and Play
  • Noiseless Fan Control
  • Step-less Speed Control
  • Integrated Temperature Sensor
  • Minimum Speed setting
  • Easy Installation
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