Pulse One Smart Environmental Monitor

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Grow room monitoring. Anytime. Anywhere.
Improve your grow with remote monitoring of temperature, RH, light, and VPD, custom alert, and integrated journaling.
Monitor your garden’s conditions from anywhere. Set alerts that notify you when something goes wrong.
Increase yields and reduce waste. Understand the impacts your actions have on your grow room’s environment.
The smart environmental monitor.
- Real time and historical data:
- Vapor Pressure Deficit
- Temperature
- Relative Humidity
- Light Intensity
- Dew Point
Included features remotely accessible via the Pulse app (PC, iOS, Android):
Unlimited number of sensors & live data, including multiple locations & WiFi networks viewable on one dashboard
Instant, reliable alerts customizable to each zone
Easily adjust alert profiles on multiple devices with the template manager
Day & night averages for any selected time period
Connectivity & power outage notifications
VPD-LST offset calibration for accurate VPD data
Garden calendar & journal

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