PS1 Expander Module with 6400K Lamp

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The 'PS' series is a very efficient T5 fluoro lighting system that enables you to create and customise your lighting solution.

Each fitting holds one 24 watt high output fluoro with its own highly efficient reflector. By clipping more fittings onto the specially designed spines, you can run more (or less) lamps as required.

The first lamp connects directly into a 240 volt power source. Then, to add a an extra lamp, it's just a matter of plugging the next lamp into the back of the existing lamp with a link cable. Up to 4 lamps can be run in each circuit. The lamps can be fitted side by side, or spaced to suit the needs of the environment. 

  • Seedlings or Vegetative Growth (6400k) 
  • Flowering (2700k)
  • Total Length of Reflector 57cm
  • Holds Standard 55cm Slimline T5 Lamps

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