Pro Mantis 2L Tub Organic Substrate Enhancer Insect Frass

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Pro Mantis- Successfully Enhance your substrate.

Do you want to Grow Monsters?


What does Pro Manis do?

  • Pro Mati boosts plants natural defence against attack of disease and other unwanted predators, b strengthening he plants cell walls.
  • Provides organic trace elements essential to plant health and growth and flowers.


Direction for use:

  • Mx Pro Mantis into any substrate prior to planting or transplant.
  • Pro Mantis can be mixed into substrate containing coco, peat, soil or similar
  • Add 2 of Pro antis per 200L of substrate (500ml per 50L) or (660ml per 30L)


1 x Pro Mantis 2L can make 4 x 50L pots or 6 x 30L Pots

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