Pro Grow 620w SE HPS 2K Lamp

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Colour temperature has very important applications in horticulture. While HPS lamps are fixed in their spectral output, Metal Halide lamps are available in a broad range of colour temperatures expressed as kelvin. With this in mind, the connoisseur, medicinal and specialist grower can choose a lamp that provides the best spectral output for his or her specific requirements.
In addition to just HPS high-intensity light (PAR) which creates the most material plant mass, many other plant actions such as seedling growth, plant height, stem thickness, flowering density, plant terpene and essential oil production are all triggered by the presence or absence of certain light colours. Different plant receptors such as phytochrome and cryptochrome control photomorphogenesis. This process activates various plant functions that respond to infrared, blues and UV light which are offered by a broader colour rendering index (CRI) than HPS lamps can provide. These important light colours are supplied by our range of specific, phosphor tuned Pro Grow Metal Halide lamps.
  • Compatible with all quality digital & magnetic ballasts
  • Broad Hertz operating range from 50Hz to 110,000Hz
  • Phosphor tuned for accurate & brilliant colour rendition
  • Low iron quartz glass delivers highest optical quality
  • Manufacturer one year warranty from purchase
MH - Pulse Start Technology
Pulse start technology increases the efficiency of metal halide lamp to that of high pressure sodium lamps while offering the desirable colour characteristics that only MH lamps provide.
  • Up to 50% longer lamp life over traditional MH lamps
  • Faster cold starts, re-strike & shorter warm-up times
  • 33% increase lumen maintenance over probe start
Kelvin: 2100
CRI: 30
Yield Factor: 100/100
Medicinal Factor: 60/100
Colour Expression: Red, orange
Colour Description: Dawn and dusk where plants utilise all available light
Best Used: The single lamp of choice for overall plant yield. Highest PAR output. Can be used for all stages of growth and flower, high favouring the late growth period and early to mid flowering period.
Hot restrike: 12 mins

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