Pro Grow 1000w SE MH 6K Lamp

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Pro Grow 1000w Single Ended MH 6K Lamp
  • Compatible with all quality digital & magnetic ballasts
  • Broad Hertz operating range from 50Hz to 110,000Hz
  • Phosphor tuned for accurate & brilliant colour rendition
  • Low iron quartz glass delivers the highest optical quality
  • Manufacturer backed one year warranty from purchase
Kelvin: 6000
CRI: 70
Yield Factor: 60/100
Medicinal Factor: 90/100
Colour Expression: Cool White
Colour Description: Full midday sun at sea level.
Best used: Seedlings, cuttings, mother plants and first 2-3 weeks of growth, encourages shorter node spacings, bushier plants, thicker stems and higher pest resistance. Medium UV output also favours last 2-3 weeks of flower. Excellent essential oil and terpene production.
Hot restrike: 12 minutes

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