Professor's Original Growers Kit

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A growers kit containing everything you need for successfully growing 4 or more high feeding plants - cost effective grow and flowering nutrients from Professors. Made in Australia.
The Professors Nutrient Original and Organic kits are both designed for:
  • The full range of their awesome products! Expect to grow 4 or more high feeding plants with these kits, to their maximum potential.
  • both indoor and outdoor gardening
  • hydroponics or soil gardening
  • every growing media including rockwool, expanded clay, perlite, vermiculite and Coco Fibre.
Why Use the Original or the Organic Growers Kit?
There are a few key differences between using the Professors Original mineral-based range, compared to the Organic Professors range.
  • Faster growth and larger growth is easier with the Original Nutrient kit
  • More control over the nutrients during with the Original Nutrient kit
  • Better flavours and organically grown produce with the Organic Nutrient kit
The Professor's Nutrients Original Growers Kit includes:
• 1 x Professor Original A&B (2 x 1 Litre for Grow & Bloom)
• 1 x Go Roots 100ml
• 1 x Go Green 1 Litre
• 1 x Grow Fast 1 Litre
• 1 x Flower Boost 1 Litre
• 1 x Extreme Boost 250g

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