Pro Grow Model Z 780W LED

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Take your crop to the next level with the PRO GROW 780 W Model Z. Three separate light channels for grow, early bloom and late bloom deliver the best possible spectrum at the three most influential stages of a plants life. The addition of Optimum Blue, UVA and Far-red diodes result in boosted plant growth, more flower sites, increased flower density, higher crop yield & improved essential oils, taste and aroma.
• BPF (ePar) – 1950 µmol/s
• PPF – 1870 µmol/s
• Efficacy- 2.6 µmol/J
• Sosen 0-1 0 V Driver
• 2510 SMD LED Diodes
• CRI 92.6 – Full Spectrum Array
• Dimmable to 40%, 60% or 80%
3 Channel Spectrum Tuning
Channel 1:
Increased Blue
Deep blue (5K) targets peark chlorophyll & photosynthesis production for boosted vegetative growth & plant vigour.
Channel 2:
Increased Red & Far-red
Higher Red and Far-red output (4K) for increased production in flowering plants. The right amount of Far-red light engages Emerson Effect, encourages early node staging and more flower sites.
Channel 3:
Increased Red, Far-red + UVA/UVB
UV & Red & Far-red offers maximum BPF (ePar). This encourages lateral branching, less stretching, enhanced flower size and improves essential oils, taste and aroma.
Control Channels Via the Fixture
Blue/red exchange button. Swap from channel 1 to channel 2 & 3.
UVA/UVB button can be engaged for channel 3.
Manual dimming switch can be used to switch OFF, 40%, 60%, 80% and 100%. Switch to EXT when using the Z Smart Controller.
Use With Smart Touchscreen Controller
Pro Grow LED 780 W Model Z is compatible with the Pro Grow Smart Touchscreen Controller. Equipped with an RJ14 Cable, up to 160 fixtures can be daisy chained from the one controller. Simply switch all fixtures to EXT mode to begin controlled operation.
Foldable Design
Simply unfold, plug and play with the PRO GROW 780 W Model Z. Four quality rope ratchets are included for immediate installation.
Spectrum and ePar - Push Past Par
ePAR redefines the PAR spectrum to recognise the benefits of light waves outside of the 400 to 700 nm range.
Pro Grow 780 W Model Z includes 395 nm UVA and 730 nm Far-red diodes.
The additional diodes extend the spectral gap from 380 nm to 770 nm. This was previously only provided by a combination of HPS and MH lights but is now available from a single LED fixture.
Spectrum Test Report - 4 Channels
Plant Parameters:
Flux (lm): 106161.19
Efficiency: 134.55 lm/W
Radiant Power: 404.530 W
EEI: 0.10
Energy Efficiency Class: A++
PAR: 386.273 W
PPF: 1819.385 umol/s
R/B: 1.6
PFuv:21.091 umol/s (360-400 nm)
PF1:346.965 umol/s (400-500 nm)
PF2: 669.087 umol/s (500-600 nm)
PF3:799.003 umol/s (600-700 nm)
Pffr: 82.112 umol/s (700-800 nm)
PPE: 2.306 umol/s/w
PF:1918.978 umol/s
Colour Parameters:
Chromaticity Coordinates: x=0.3821 y=0.3607 U/u’=0.2328
v’=0.4945 CCT = Tc 3825K (duv=-0.00819)
Dominant WL:Ld = 585.3 nm Purity = 0.229 Colour Ratio: R=0.201
G=0.762 B=0.037 Peak WL: 661.9 nm CRI: RA=92.6
Voltage = 238.20 V I = 3.350 A Power = 789 W PF = 0.9890
CAUTION: UV light is barely visible. Always wear UV 400 eye protection when UVA/UVB (channel 3) is in operation.
Model 780W Model E 8 Bar
Light Source 2484 x Single Mount Diode/Leds
Input Voltage 100V-240V AC
Amperage 3.25A
Frequency Range 50~60Hz
Power/Watts 780W
Weight 13.7Kg
Light Beam Angle 120 Degrees
Body Case Material Die Cast/Pressed Aluminium
IP Grade IP55 (water resistant)
Size L-1105mm x W-1067mm x H-54mm
Lifespan >50,000 Hours
Min Operating Temp -40°C
Max Operating Temp 40°C
Warranty 3 Year Warranty

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