Plantit GoGro Module Kit 25L

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Grow your own vegetables and plants easily with the new GoGro automatic watering system. Get the best possible results and say goodbye to daily watering with this irrigation system designed to feed your plants with minimal effort. You can set up your GoGro system in your garden or greenhouse (or even inside with the right lighting and ventilation arrangements), then put your feet up and relax. GoGro offers a simple solution to automated watering without needing power (known as a passive system), the system can be left to run for weeks provided there’s enough nutrient and water in the supply tank.
Flexibility is essential for any budding grower and with the GoGro, flexibility comes in abundance! Add as many pots as you want using our extension kits – for single or multiple lines. The systems are readily available in sets of four but can be expanded using these kits.
And the best bit? GoGro is designed to retrofit into your garden or greenhouse, the tray and collar can fit most standard sized 15L and 25L round pots making this system the most cost-effective and flexible self-watering system on the market.
Key Features:
  • No electricity required
  • Use as a single unit or extended to use with multiple pots
  • You can leave the system alone to run for weeks
  • Its tray and collar with fit most standard 15L and 25L pots

Includes Pot Set & Smart Valve system

What is GoGro?
GoGro is a passive self-watering irrigation system ideal for growing plants in greenhouses or gardens with minimal effort from the grower.
The standard GoGro can be split into four parts as follows:
GoGro Valve
The PLANT!T GoGro is built around the GoGro Valve, a patented design, which automatically controls the flow of water into the tray; capillary action then keeps the media damp so the plants are never short of water. The valve come preassembled and is simple to use and easy to maintain. The GoGro Valve is constructed from durable ABS to allow precision manufacture, has a 2mm barbed inlet and comes preassembled, making it simple to use and highly effective.
How does the GoGro Valve work?
Water enters the tray from the 4mm Tube, via the barbed inlet at the front of the main body, and flows out under the valve. The valve measures and maintains optimum water capacity using the lower and inner floats.
As the water level rises, the lower float rises causing the bung to seal the small hole in the main body chamber. The water level will continue to rise within the tray until it flows over the gate at the back of the main body, (about 3cm deep), quickly filling the base of the main body chamber.
The inner float will then rise causing the bung to close the inlet and stop the flow of water into the tray. As your plant consumes water and the water level drops within the tray (about 1cm deep), the lower float will also drop subsequently reopening the hole in the base of the main body chamber. As water drains from the chamber, the inner float will drop, reopening the inlet, allowing water to re-enter the tray and starting the cycle again.
GoGro Module
Made in England from high quality, durable parts, the GoGro Module has been designed to provide maximum yield and versatility; as well as housing the GoGro Valve, it has a whole host of key features to make it the best auto-irrigation system on the market. The tray holds both 15L and 25L pots and the circular design allows for pots to be easily rotated, disrupting any root development out of the pot. It also features extra deep tray grooves for better nutrient circulation, and a convenient tube tidy which allows you to configure modules in a neat and tidy manner.
We recommend that your chosen reservoir has the capacity to allow for 5L – 10L of water per module; bearing in mind any expansion plans! Our connection kits contain appropriate parts for fitting to both male quick release outlets or threated outlets. Or if the reservoir has a barbed outlet, you can attach the 13mm pipe direct. Easy!
13mm Pipe
From the tank/reservoir your water will pass through 13mm flexi-pipe. Depending on the size of the system you are building, you can buy this pipe in 10m or 50m lengths. Your retailer should be able to give you a length recommendation or you can use our system builder for an estimate on how much you will need.

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