Plant Mechanics LED Fuel

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LED Fuel by Plant Mechanics: FROST, AROMA, FLAVOUR!
• Maximises flower mass and trichome production.
• Enhances photosynthetic efficiency under LED and high PPFD lighting.
• Increases flavour and colour in flowers. 
Using a combination of botanical extracts, biochemicals and nanoparticle mineral compounds, this is a truly exceptional flower ripening product. 
What is LED FUEL?
 LED FUEL is a proprietary formula of nanoparticles and biochemicals to enhance photosynthetic efficiency.
LED Fuel allows crops to utilise full spectrum wavelength frequencies and complete photon energy.
A combination of botanical extracts that will improve yield, resin and flavour production, enhance trichome structure, density and overall potency.
Why use LED FUEL?
• Frost: Boost Trichomes Plant biochemicals and glucose derivatives dramatically increase trichome production and potency.
• Aroma: Improved Terpenes Fragrances are enhanced with improved terpene, flavonoid and aromatic compound production.
• Flavour: Enhanced Flavours & Colour Traditional Japanese Flower extract increases the natural flavours and pigment (flower colour) in floral buds.
How to use LED FUEL?
Application for Soil/Hydro/Coco
Use 2mL per L
- pH Stable (5.85 - 6.15)
- Apply during the final 5 weeks of the flowering cycle, in any substrate, living soil or hydroponic system.

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