Passive Unit Kit MKII 180g

Sale price$3,390.00


All MKI & MKII PASSIVE UNIT KITS consist of 304 and 316 Stainless Steel Columns and Fitok Fittings.
Stainless Steel Braided PTFE Lined Hose and PTFE Gaskets with 150 micron Mesh Gasket and 1.5’’ Borosilicate Sight Ports. Safety features including 150 psi Conrader Brass Pressure Relief Valves, 150 psi Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge and Nai-Lok Ball Valves.
PASSIVE UNIT KITS allow you to turn your already existing Closed Column Unit into a Full Reclaim Unit, allowing you to recover your gas by operations under vacuum, and using hot & cold temperatures to move the gas into the Collection Tank, leaving the finished product safely reduced in a closed controlled Material Collection Tank.
MKII PASSIVE UNIT KITS come with upgraded features such as High-Pressure Clamps, Jacketed Splatter Platter for faster recovery times and quicker runs.
MKII 180 – 450 g Units are also upgraded with Shower Heads to ensure a full soak of solvent into the material column, BHO filter stack reducer with compression ring allows you to use paper filters for cleaner runs.
Kit Includes:
• 180 g Material Column w/De-Wax Column x1
• 3’’ Top Plate Assembly w/Shower Head and ¼’’ MNPT Pressure Gauge, Pressure Relief Valve, Ball Valve w/¼’’ MJIC
• BHO Filter Stack 3’’-1.5’’ Reducer Bowl x1
• 6’’ High Pressure Clamp x2
• 3’’ High Pressure Clamp x2
• 1.5’’ High Pressure Clamp x3
• 1.5’’ Tri-Clamp 3 Piece Ball Valve x1
• 1.5’’ Viton Meshed Gasket 150 mesh
• 3’’ Viton Rubber Gasket x2
• 6’’ Viton Rubber Gasket x3
• 1.5’’ Viton Rubber Gasket x1
• 6’’ Hemispherical Dome with 1.5’’ Sight Glass x2
• 6 x 3’’ Jacketed Splatter Platter w/3/8’’ FNPT Ports x1
• 6 x 12’’ Material Collection Spool x1
• 6 x 24’’ Welded Base Gas Collection Column x1
• ¼” Nai-Lok Ball Valves with ¼” MJIC Fittings x5
• 1.2 m ¼’’ FJIC PTFE Stainless Steel Braided Hose x2
• 150 psi Pressure Gauge ¼’’ MNPT x2

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