Oxy Pot XL 70L with 6.5L Basket

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One of the simplest introductions to hydroponics available While being one of the best yielding. Once set up it is easy to manage and delivers great results. Each plant is placed in its own Oxypot.
Grow 1 x large plants with the new bigger baskets that is now 6.5l basket for an even bigger plant and root mass.
The plant is placed in a mesh pot containing pebbles and the roots hang down into the misting chamber which is highly oxygenated to encourage rapid growth.
One of the simplest introductions to hydroponics available.
Oxypot DWC (Deep Water Culture) systems submerge the roots of the plant in a highly oxygenated nutrient solution, encouraging very rapid growth.
The Oxypot Xl is an ideal system for 1 x XL Plant in the centre. You can also purchase  The oxypot xl plus  has a revirsable lid which suspends plants lower in the tank thank usual for the early and vegative stages.
• Removable 6.5l net po basket
• easy access panel
• 2 X Air Stones
• Hailea AIr Pump
• Air line
• 70L Unit
• Lid

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