OGS Liquid Organic Fertilizer 1L

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Our Liquid Organic Fertilizer is a special Aloe and Kelp Ferment. Simply its what all organic growers have dreamed of for years. Pure Organic derived bio-fertilizer in a bottle for your benefit. This product is so full of microbes and organic nutrients it can be used as a soil inoculation, for foliar feeding or soil drenching. 
This fertilizer contains the following variety of microbes.
- Rhizobia (Brayrhizobium Japonicurn)
- Azospirillum
- Aspergillus Niger
- Lactobacillus
- Pseudomonas Putida (P-Solubilizing microbe)
- Bacillus Subtillis (P-Solubilizing microbe)
Also Contains: Salicylic Acid to boost the plants immune system, and Saponins for IPM and soil tilth enhancement.
N - 1.67%
P - 1.38%
K - 1.36%
Ca -  4.39%
Mg - 1.54%
S - 0.993%
Amino Acids - 3.05%
Contains trace minerals  - Boron, Zinc, Manganese, Iron, Copper, Molybdenum, Cobalt.
Derived from - 80% Aloe, 20% Kelp, Humic Acid and a Variety of Microbes.
How Do I Use the Aloe n Kelp Ferment?
This product has incredible bioremediation properties! Use it everywhere you can!
Liquid ferments can be absorbed by plants through their stomata and their roots. When roots are stressed or nutrients are unavailable in the soil, your plants can be supplied nutrients through foliar feeding. Foliar feeding is particularly effective for providing an extra boost to fast-growing plants during the growing season.
We recommend you use at a rate of 20mL per 10L and no more than two feeds a week.
Note: Please mix the solution fresh and do not leave premixed solution mixed in water for long periods. Do not spray plants during pollination. Sensitive foliage or plants should be test sprayed prior to full scale application.
Composting with Aloe n Kelp Ferment: 
  1. Make solution (200:1 ratio) in a container or bucket, add with 5% molasses or sugar.
  2. Let the solution stand covered for 7-10 days. Open and stir every 3 days and cover again.
  3. After 7-10 days the solution can be used to make compost of organic waste or animal manure. Spray it on the compost pile in layers. 

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