OGS Trichoderma Fungal Microbe Blend 100g

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The OGS Trichoderma Fungi Blend is a powerful probiotic containing the beneficial fungal species Trichoderma harzianum, Trichoderma lignorum and Trichoderma koningii, which act to suppress plant pathogens including Pythium, and prevent numerous diseases.
When applied as a treatment prior to planting, the Trichoderma fungi kill all present pathogens and further provide protection against soil-borne pathogens.
The strains present are all rhizosphere competent, meaning they are able to grow on plant roots, and from this vantage point they are able to collectively control almost every known pathogenic fungus while providing substantial benefits to plant and root health. 
The mycelia of these fungi produce a variety of enzymes including chitinases and cellulases, facilitating the rapid decomposition of organic matter.
Warning: Do not use the OGS Trichoderma Fungi Blend in the cultivation of other fungi.
How Do I Use The OGS Trichoderma Fungi Blend?
Seedling Treatment: Dip Seedlings in a 5g/L solution of Trichoderma Fungi Blend just before planting.
Rooted Clone Treatment: Dip Rooted Clones in a 10g/L solution of Trichoderma Fungi Blend just before planting.
Soil Drenching: Water with a 5g/L solution every two weeks.
Foliar Application: Apply a 5g/L solution as required.
Note: This product requires sieving when applied with sensitive spraying equipment.

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