Odour Neutralising Spray 750ml

Option: Linen Fresh
Sale price$24.50


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The monster-sized Linen Fresh and Bubblegum Boom aerosol eliminates bad odours by covering them in a lovely fresh linen or bubblegum scent. One quick spray covers large areas meaning great value for money.


Science Behind the Product

A powerful air freshener which destroys bad odour by covering it with a great smelling linen or bubblegum scent. It's incredibly effective, only a small spray covers a large space and the smell stays present for a long time.


  • Linen or Bubblegum Scented – lovely fresh scent to cover any unwanted odours.
  • Easy application – simply spray for application, allowing odours to be instantly covered.
  • Powerful and effective – a small spray covers a large area.
  • Monster Sized 750ml Canister – allowing good value for money and long lasting control.



Remove plastic top cap, position the nozzle into the centre of your room. Using your finger apply pressure to the nozzle.

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