OCD DEO Max Odour Neutralising Spray 30ml

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OCD DEO MAX Odour Neutralising Spray 30ml
30ml pocket-sized liquid spray, for odour removal on the go.
Our spray bottles are small, powerful and completely safe. When you’ve got an odour that needs neutralising quick, and you want a lasting fragrance, then this is the product for you! Perfect for small spaces, this is OCD in a concentrated form, so don’t go overboard. Little and often to keep your place smelling OCD fresh!
Why use OCD sprays?
As well as being a little odour neutralising pocket rocket, you get an OCD bonus. You can use OCD sprays to invigorate the OCD blocks. As soon as your block becomes a little tired and lacks it’s original potency, spray it with the same fragrance a few times on each side and voilà, invigorated block.
Versatile smell solution
Our sprays are ideal for a quick freshen up. Make your car smell beautiful, no matter what you've been up to.
How to use:
Aim the carefully crafted nozzle towards the area of odious misfortune, give it 3-4 pumps and smell as the area becomes odour free with a long-lasting pleasant fragrance.
If you spray our OCD bottles into space*, you will still be able to smell our fresh fragrances many hours later.
*Space is not defined as outer space, but just into space you currently occupy. Outer space is a vacuum, and OCD hasn’t worked out how to neutralise smells in a vacuum… yet!
For you sweet tooth’s out there, try the OCD bubblegum spray (yes that’s you ‘Mr family pack of Haribo to himself’). The vibrant colour, the sweet-smelling aroma and of course, the DEO MAX odour neutraliser completes the Muhammed Ali of combo’s, and this one packs a punch!
Spray safety:
Are you in a four-wheeled vehicle for moving people, pets and objects from one location another? Then don’t be an ass and spray at your passenger or pets. Instead, spray OCD into the footwell and onto the carpets for a fresh footwell fragrance that will last an unknown, but extended amount of time.
Do not spray in car vents or dashboards! They will smell nice, but it could tarnish the walnut dash in your Ford Ghia 1.25. I speak from pained experience. While we’re talking about pained experiences, it’s also worth mentioning not to spray on sensitive materials like leather. We did it because the leather smelt musty and old, but dark splodges on the back seats are not a good look, so just be careful, that’s all we’re saying.
Yes, some people do smell, but OCD does not condone the use of OCD on any humans, aliens or pets (even cats)! Using our products in this way makes no scents. Okay no more jokes, they’re getting worse. We’ll stop, but only after you pick your favourite hydroponics retailing outlet and give them a visit.

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