OCD DEO Max Odour Neutralising Gel 850g

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OCD DEO Max Odour Neutralising Gel 850g
It looks and feels like chopped up jelly, but does so much more. Shake the tub, remove the lid, and place it anywhere you want to smell beautiful.
At OCD headquarters, we work as a team, we are a family of odour neutralising warriors, and we are efficient! Just like us, our gel products work as a team to neutralise your bad smells. The large surface area and versatility of gel make it one of our best products. When you try it, it will become your favourite odour neutraliser as well.
Why OCD gel?
The gel is a semi-solid, so you have the pleasure of being able to distribute the OCD gel into various containers. At the same time, also have the longevity of a solid like the OCD blocks. The fragrance is released evenly from the gel and combined with the DEO MAX, obliterates smells from that room. As soon as you lift the lid, you know you’re in the presence of an OCD product, and depending on which size you buy (1L, 4L or 22 L) you’ll have a fresh smell for weeks and months to come. In short, you use gel when you need options and who doesn’t love options.
How to use:
Shake well and open the lid. Yes, it is that easy, even a British prime minister could figure it out.
You can crack out the crockery that has been gathering dust on the back shelves for the more adventurous of you. Please wipe them and put the gel lovingly onto that dirty dish. Spread the joy, spread the smell and indulge in your odour neutralised space.
You’ll need to clean the dish afterwards though, nobody wants an OCD Fresh linen taste on their tea-cakes, just on their bedsheets…Ooooh Matron.
Keep every room fresh
OCD DEO MAX Gel is ideal for around the house. Eliminate all the odours from around the house by placing a tub of OCD DEO MAX Gel in the corner. We reccomend using an Original gel downstairs and a Fresh Linen upstairs, giving you a sensational smell experience throughout your home.
Our OCD Lemon gel and our other gel fragrances come in 1 Litre, 4 Litres and 22 Litre tubs. So if you have a smelly washing basket, take a 1-litre tub. If Grandad ate too many beans, that would require a 4 Litre tub and if you have multiple teenagers, break out the 22 L OCD gel. The OCD lemon scent makes it smell great, and the OCD DEO MAX gets rid of the bad smells completely.
One very valid point (if we do say so ourselves) is that now and again, the gel, after working so hard in your smelly spaces needs a little TLC. We don’t want you to place it in a jacuzzi or give it a nice rub, what our gel needs is a good shake, so seal the lid tightly (or don’t and have an OCD gel party) and give that little fellow a good shake. But be careful where you do it, it’s tough to shake and not look like a strange person when you’re doing it.
Go on, give it a go now and see for yourself…

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