Nutriculture Vegigator 12 x 3Ltr Pots Flood & Drain System

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IWS Vegigator - Flood and Drain System
Co-developed by IWS and Nutriculture, the Vegigator is the ideal way to supply your plants with nutrients as they develop through the vegetative growth stage, ready for transplanting to an Intelligent Watering System. Working on the same principle as a flood and drain table, it couldn’t be simpler to set up and maintain. Just plug the supplied Aqua One pump into a (separately available) timer and flood the top tray whenever your plants require nutrient.
• Co-developed by IWS and Nutriculture
• The perfect fit for a standard 1.2m x 1.2m x 2m grow tent
• Takes the hassle out of the vegetative growth stage
• A convenient way to prepare plants for use in an IWS System
• Can be set up within 10 minutes
• Supplied with a Quality Aqua One 103 pump
• Also produces great results during flowering stages
• Included 12 x 3Ltr Square Pots 16cmx16cm
Also can take the Following Pots at additional cost:
• 12 x 200mm Mesh Pots or
• 12 x 200mm 4Ltr Pots or
• 12 x 250mm 8Ltr Pots

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