Nutriculture Bubblebox Single DWC System

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The Bubblebox Single deep water culture growing system. A deep water culture technique with the added benefit of a timed top feed.
The improved control of feeds and greater access to nutrient solution results in incredible yields!
How it works: Bubblebox is a deep water culture system which submerges the roots of a plant into highly oxygenated nutrient solution.
Plants are positioned into the uniquely constructed trays which have been designed to allow the roots to search for the nutrients.
The plant is held in position by the Clay Pebbles (Not included) and fed by the drip ring which passes over the top of the roots and then through the tray, whilst the roots exposed at the bottom of the tray are consistently met by nutrient solution in the tank, which is projected upwards as a result from the pressure of the airstones that are placed into the reservoir.
This constant supply of nutrient and oxygen makes this a system which can product unbelievable yields!
  • Bubblebox double dimensions: 110cm x 52cm x 39cm
  • Tank volume: 65ltr
  • Clay pebbles required: 30ltrs (not included)
  • Air pump and air stones are not included.



  • Nutriculture Bubblebox - Single | Tray & Reservoir
  • Bubblebox Water Pump with 1 feeder ring

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