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A natural fertiliser designed to give your plants a healthy nutritional boost during the budding and flowering phase. Get amazing yields with rich aromas and flavours.
Boost the flower & fruiting phase
• A Perfect Synthesis
We use a unique process to blend minerals, vitamins, and amino acids to provide the plant with the ability to creating a greater amount and a higher quality formation of those flowering and fruiting sites.
• Highly Concentrated
Medibud is a highly concentrated advanced flowering additive designed to nourish and excel the plant from its early stages and through out the flowering and fruiting cycle.
• Enhance aromas & flavours
These additives are designed to help your plants produce a maximum yield with larger, better quality flowers and fruit, while enhancing aromas and being sweeter and tastier.
• Strong cell structures
By advancing the cellular structure, you create a strong foundation for maximising photosynthesis, while increasing the all round health of the plant.
If you have plants that are flowering & fruiting, this is for you
Medibud is formulated to help your sites flourish. It delivers the perfect balance of minerals, vitamins, and amino acids—including calcium, magnesium, and potassium nitrate, and other core compounds like molasses.
We've designed this to be compatible for use with all base nutrients intended for indoor and outdoor gardening.
For optimum results, apply Medibud from the beginning and through out the entire flowering and fruiting cycle.
On a mission to simplify feeding your plants
Medibud and Medigrow began when we decided we wanted something that was different. We wanted a simpler way to give our plants everything they needed without cluttering up our space with bottles of additives.
And so, we took our combined 60 years of experience and teamed up with a local company who specialises in creating high quality fertalisers to design the two Medi products—two easy to use additives made to help your plants thrive.

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