Lucius Recom 600w DE HPS Light Kit

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The Lucius ReCom 600W Broad SE PRO HV Kit is the cultivators complete solution for an efficient and effective HID lighting setup. The kit is designed to deliver the optimum levels of light and is equipped with safety features that protect against over and under voltage and temperature protection.

All Lucius ReCom Kits can be controlled manually via the control knob on the ballast or remotely by the Lucius Light Management Controller (LMC)* which features a dimming function and ON or OFF ballast timing on multiple zones for up to 200 Lucius Ballasts.

The Lucius ReCom Kit comes pre assembled, tested and approved by internal and external Quality Control departments ready for use. The ballast entails a magnetic field technology with built-in thermal insulators to reduce heat which increases the life span of equipment. This also allows the ceramic arc tube to burn brighter, producing greater light output and efficiency.



  • Efficiency of 97% (Most efficient HV ballast on the market)
  • Compatible with both HPS and MH HID lamps (SE and DE)
  • Can be controlled by the Lucius Light Management controller (LMC) or manually with the control knob
  • Vertical and horizontal ballast orientations
  • Reflector uses MAG-ATTACH system fixing and releasing reflectors from the fixture with ease


Kit Contents:

  • M1781 – Lucius Recom 600W Ballast
  • M1769 – Lucius Recom E40 Bracket
  • M1761 – Lucius Recom Broad Reflector Single Ended
  • M2325 – Indoor Sun 600W HPS PRO HV / M0642 or Philips Master Greenpower 600W 400V E40
  • M1891 – Recom Mounting Handle
  • M1894 – Recom Eye Bolt
  • M1897 – Recom U-Bolt (set of 2)
  • M1719 – Lucius LMC 3.5mm Male Jumper Cable 5m/15ft



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