Lucius Light Management Controller

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All Lucius RECOM ballast and Lucius RECOM grow lights are designed to be compatible with Lucius’s Light Management Controller (LMC) for remote operation.The Lucius Light Management Controller (LMC) is designed to control the Lucius ballasts.

Features such as turning lights ON or OFF; dimming, boosting, simulating sunrise and sunset can be controlled by using the Lucius LMC.

Lucius LMC has 2 zones. Each zone can control up to 100 ballasts / lights (total 200).

Temperature setting for Auto Dimming and Auto Shutdown can be activated to assist in the prevention of crop damage. The ballasts and lamps may generate excessive heat in the grow area if the environmental control system is not adequate; in this case the lights can be dimmed or even shut down as a safety precaution.

The Lucius LMC is equipped with 2 Temperature Probes, each for monitoring the temperature inside of its own zone, it also allows the temperature range parameters to be set as a safety feature.

The Lucius LMC LED display is high contrast, clarity in dark and bright light environments. It is also equipped with LED status indicators.


LMC Features:

  • Battery back up
  • 2 Channel Timers
  • 100 ballasts per zone – 200 total
  • LED status indicators
  • Two temperature probes
  • Sunrise / Sunset simulation
  • Power, dimming, boosting
  • Auto dimming at set temperature
  • Auto shutdown at set temperature


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