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Langbeinite is a fantastic addition to your nutrient teas, covering almost all soil cations when used in conjunction with our Oyster Shell Flour, as well as the perfect option to balance your soil mix if you are using heavy Nitrogen and Phosphorus amendments like guano and blood & bone.
What is Langbeinite?
Langbeinite is a naturally occurring crystalline mineral that contains three vital plant nutrients. It does not effect the acidity of the soil and is pH neutral.

Potassium is essential for the development of flowering plants, as well as for increases in the plants ability to uptake and utilize CO2, which is critical during stages of growth.

Magnesium is at the heart of every chlorophyll molecule, as well as vital for the shuttling of macronutrients around the plant with calcium. Plants often like a slow sustained source of magnesium and not large bursts (which can occur when using Cal-Mag solutions). Langbeinite is a great source of sustained magnesium release that won't cause lock out issues like dolomite can.

Sulfur is one of the most understated nutrients you need to be giving your plants. It aids in immune protection, enzyme synthesis, antioxidant generation and most importantly flavour and terpene production. The addition of extra sulfur through langbeinite is a perfect way to complement your garden from an already amazingly rounded product.  
Langbeinite has an approximate N-P-K-S-Mg value of 0-0-22-22-18.
How Do I Use Langbeinite?
Langbeinite makes a fantastic top dressing and will quickly remedy any Magnesium deficiencies in your soil. It is also a great addition to your Nutrient Teas, covering almost all soil cations when used in conjunction with our Oyster Shell Flour.
Topdressing:  Apply 1 tablespoon to your top dressing layer.
Nutrient Tea:
1. Add 4 Tablespoons of Langbeinite per 25 Litres of water.
2. Bubble the water with Langbeinite in it for 12-24 hours.
(Note: The Langbeinite will dissolve faster if you crush it first.)

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