Introgrow 600w MH Retro Lamp

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Boost Vegetative Plant Growth with an IntroGro MH Grow Lamp in 600W
IntroGro Lamps are an ideal solution for gardeners looking to improve indoor vegetative plant growth. These high-quality lamps deliver enhanced white/blue light spectrum, which is perfect for promoting healthy and vigorous vegetation. Available in 600w, these lamps are retro-compatible with both MH and HPS ballasts, allowing you to use them in multiple configurations for maximum flexibility.
Features and Benefits:
57,500 Lumens
High Output: IntroGro MH Grow Lamp provides 10% more light than standard metal halide lamps, making them more effective in promoting plant growth.
Optimised Spectrum: The ideal white/blue light spectrum emitted by these lamps supports photosynthesis and encourages healthy vegetative growth.
Retro Compatibility: Designed to operate on 600w MH or HPS magnetic ballasts, these lamps offer flexibility and ease in setup.
Mounting Options: Compatible with both vertical and horizontal mounts, IntroGro MH Grow Lamps can adapt to your preferred setup.
Enhanced Vegetative Growth: Additional blue spectral output ensures your plants receive the optimal light for healthy vegetative development.

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