Insect Frass Full Spectrum Biofertiliser

Size: 1Kg
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An organic fertiliser from black soldier fly larvae castings.
Rich in beneficial biology, dense in nutrients.
Powerful bio fertiliser and Inoculant
This Insect Frass is the castings of black soldier fly larvae, made in a state of the art, lab controlled facility in Victoria, Australia that closes a loop on food waste. The end product is a consistent and potent bio-fertiliser, rich in organic nutrients, plant available chitin for plant pest resistance and beneficial biology.
  • Slow release nitrogen for longer season crops.
  • Improves organic fertilizer effectiveness as well as N and P availability due to a low C/N ratio.
  • Increases plant biomass resulting in heavier and healthier fruits.
  • Rich in beneficial biology at 200x that of compost. Nitrogen fixing bacteria, protozoa and fungi in all beneficial, functional groups at 240,000,000 CFU/g.
  • Promotes soil microorganisms.


Typical Analysis
Total Calcium (%) 10.5
Total Magnesium (%) 1
Total Nitrogen (%)
Nitrate Nitrogen (mg/kg N)
Ammonium Nitrogen (mg/kg N)
Total Phosphorus (%) 1.39
Total Potassium (%) 1.75
Total Carbon 33.40
pH 7.35


Application rates
Garden beds: Spread 100 to 250g per m2 and gently incorporate into the soil before planting and again after seedlings are established. Apply mulch on top to maintain moisture.

Top dress: Sprinkle a handful around the rootzone. Water in to activate.

Fertigation/root drench: Add 2 Tbsp 9L water. 

Potting soil: Apply and mix at 1.5% to 2% or 15-20mL per litre of potting media. 

Hydroponics: Top dress directly to any grow media (rockwool, coco, hydroton)

  • Add 1/2 cup per 100L of water (strain for drip systems)
  • For best results, brew insect frass tea for 24 hours before use 
  • Add directly to the reservoir for flood to drain systems.

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