Hortitek UV-A Enhancer Bar for Grow Board

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Use Hortitek’s Enhancer range in combination with Hortitek Growboard to produce an optimal lighting spectrum.
Grow more flavourful and potent plants with Hortitek Enhancer Bars.
Enhance your light spectrum by supplementing your grow room with 3 of our select Enhancer Bars. Each bar curated to get the most out of your plant growth.
UV-A and Plant Growth:
Natural sunlight contains UV spectrum in a typical ratio of 95% of UV-A to 5% of UV-B. UV-A can increase plant biomass and enhance the production of secondary metabolites. UV-A also has similar effects to the blue light spectrum on plant growth. The blue light spectrum produces shorter more
compact plants with hardened growth.
UV-A Usage:
We recommend supplementing UV-A throughout the full life cycle for your plants alongside your main lighting fixture.
Disclaimer: Different plant species can tolerate different amounts of UV Radiation. UV-A radiation is
harmful to plants when too intense or used in excess. If prominent damage to your plant occurs, reduce the UV-A exposure time.
Spectrum UV-A
Power 30W
Voltage Range 100-277V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Current Amp @ 120V 0.25
Amp @ 208V 0.14
Amp @ 220V 0.14
Amp @ 230V 0.13
Amp @ 240V 0.13
Amp @ 277V 0.11
PF >0.95
THD <10%
Thermal Management Passive
BTU 102
Dimensions (L x W x H) 600mm x 57mm x 39mm
Weight (Driver Included) 1.0±0.3kg
Working Temperature 0°C to 40°C
Storing Temperature -40°C - 70°C
IP Rating IP65
Warranty 3 Years

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